Poll: Do you work or play during flights?

Poll: Do you work or play during flights?4-25-14
In the last couple of years, my workload has ramped up considerably. I’ve taken on more responsibility at my day job, and Road Warriorette is busier than ever. When I first started traveling, i always saw travel time as “me” time. Before leaving I would pack my bag full of fun things to do during flights: books, knitting, magazines, movies, etc. looking back I realize how glorious it all was. In fact, several of my early blog posts say to use found time on planes to pamper yourself. Drink a glass of wine! Read the latest best seller! You work hard, you’ve earned it!

Alas, now I feel like a three hour flight is a gift of uninterrupted work time. Bonus if there’s no wifi. I might squeeze in a few minutes here and there to catch up on Facebook or blogs I follow. But mostly it’s work, work, work. I still may get a glass of wine, but I gulp it in between emails, blog posts, and presentations.

This transition got me thinking. What do other business travelers do? Are others able to budget their time differently so that they can enjoy themselves during flights? Obviously most people will do some of both, but I want to know what you spend the majority of your travel time doing.

So tell me. Do you work or play during flights?

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  1. When bored, try shoulder surfing.. can see people’s laptops across the aisle, next to you, or the row in front (i.e. – when one person in the row reclines to create a “window” between the seats, or especially in business class where there is a big gap between the seats already. You can look forward and often still see the screen even if there is a screen protector. Sometimes if the screen is bright on a night flight, you can look at the reflection on the window). Type in my own laptop any email addresses, numbers, statements. Google them (i.e. – find via email their linked in profile) later upon landing.. can often figure out the context of what they were doing.

  2. I enjoy some down time. Usually I’m off the grid except my iPhone. It’s a good chance to see the forest when you are usually looking at various trees in the office. I brainstorm and come up with some good ideas when on the road.

  3. Work on the outbound; relax on the way back. I’ve been doing that forever, and it seems to work for me.

  4. I was actually thinking about this last week. I keep reading all of these blogs that talk about packing reading material and things to do if there is a delay or for the plane. I was wondering how people have time for this because I’m always doing work! I like the idea Elle posted about working one way I’m going to try that balance.

  5. Ditto to work on the outbound, relax on the return! There’s always something I should be doing, but after a long week getting lost in a book or movie with a side of wine really does feel delightfully indulgent.

  6. Depends on what time I’m flying. Usually I will fly the night before to go on a 3-day trip. If I have to get a flight in the afternoon during business hours, I work. If it’s later in the evening or on the weekend, I relax – usually I read for pleasure rather than work things. Same thing on the way back. It works for me.

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