Poll: Drunk people flying

USA Today came out with a video recently with some of the more recent examples of flying intoxication.

Once I sat next to a guy in first class who slammed three whiskey-cokes and then proceeded to harangue the flight attendant, yell at me, and grumble at his computer until he finally fell asleep (passed out?) for the remainder of the flight. Fun times! I certainly enjoy a glass or two of wine sometimes while flying, and I like to think I’m responsible while drinking. But what about the people who aren’t responsible? Who take their clothes off, urinate on the floor, verbally harass other passengers and flight attendants, and generally act like Annie from Bridesmaids?

Should there be any restrictions on alcohol on planes?

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  1. there are already rules which govern cabin staff dispensing alcohol. they are to use their judgement. Even prior to liquid restrictions passengers were not permitted to dispense their own alcohol, by the way.
    I have flown on LH with some serious drinking going on, it was close but nothing untoward happened. It seems Germans coming back from long haul vacations want to enjoy every last minute.

  2. I have to point out that the guy who obviously sparked this story (on Virgin Australia, in Bali) had not been drinking (according to him, anyway, and AFAIK the bloods are not back yet on that), so it’s a bit unfair to blame his behaviour on alcohol.

    I am Aussie, so I admittedly live in a country full of drunks, but we are also a nation of long flights. And there’s a lot of flights I’ve taken where a couple of glasses of wine really took the edge off, so I would never support a blanket ban on booze.

    And if there was one, I would start carrying my own on board, like a true drunk (I’m not, really, I swear).

    Flight attendants have are well aware of who’s drinking too much and who isn’t. Personally, unless you are in business or first class, it’s impossible to get too drunk on the plane because it’s too hard to get service. Unless you are already drunk to start with (which I suspect your guy at the start of the post must have been, because three drinks isn’t enough to induce that kind of behaviour in most men, unless they are missing the alcohol dehydrogenase enzyme, or taking something else as well).

  3. worst thing I have been subject to on a flight with a drunk are the alcohol tainted farts they emit.

  4. 1. I used to travel to/ from Nairobi, Kenya a lot in the late 1990s to mid-2000s.

    2. I stopped using KLM flights that took off at 11PM, for the reason that many passengers were tourists who had been required to check out of their hotel rooms at 11 AM.

    3. Many of them had little to do except drink in the hotel lobbies until it was time to to to the airport. Then, while waiting for boarding, they drank some more.

    4. As a result, throughout the flight, these passengers were rather unruly when on board: They talked loudly, laughed very boisterously when watching inflight movies, and once they passed out, they stretched out their legs onto the aisles in coach.

    5. Hotels, bars, and restaurants should also be required to regulate the quantity of alcohol they serve to their patrons.

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