What A-list benefits extend to traveling companions?

Do the people flying with you get all of the same benefits as you? Reader E asks….5-11-14 Southwest

 I have been a long-time reader of Delta Points having grown up in GA and lived in cities where I stayed loyal to Delta. Since moving to Nashville last year, I am now almost 100% loyal to Southwest, and since I achieved A-List status, I now really enjoy flying SWA!  I enjoy reading your posts about SW!

 With that said, I have a question about A-List benefits.  I usually fly alone for work, but for the first time since I achieved A-List status, I booked a flight for me and my fiancee from BNA to JAX.  

 My question is this: which (if any) of my A-List benefits will extend to her?  I called SW to ask, and the girl was very unhelpful (which is out of the ordinary).  I have also tried lots of Google and Boarding Area searches, but based on my word choice, I just got tons of Companion Pass info.  Based on what I have pieced together, I understand she will not be able to go through the Fly By Lane.  My main question is about check in.  Will she have to check in separately, or will my checking in check her in also?  Will we have different boarding positions?

A few weeks ago I wrote about why someone checking in exactly 24 hours before their Southwest flight would get a B boarding pass.  As is evidenced by the question and following discussion, Southwest’s boarding policy is a source of plenty of confusion. So let’s answer your questions.

If you are booked on the same itinerary, checking in yourself should check her in. Since you are A-list you will likely get a better boarding place. However, since you are traveling together that doesn’t actually matter—you can board together. As for the Fly By lane, you should definitely go ask if she can go through with you. The worst they can say is no! My experience has been that people traveling together can go through the Premium Passenger line together, whether it’s with Southwest or another airline. If you have TSA Pre-check, they will often let you go through the security line together, but you won’t be able to all go through the actual Pre-check screening line.

Specifically in Nashville, the TSA people have always been super nice. Slow as molasses (bless their hearts, she says in her best southern accent) but super nice.

Readers, what has your experience been when traveling with non-premium people? Will security let them go through the fast lane with you?

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  1. As long as the non-premium person is on the same confirmation number as me, I find the elite “perks” are extended to this person as well. We check in at the priority lane and are one of the first to board.

    As far as security, I would have the non-premium person still go through the expedited lane.

  2. I never fly SW so can’t comment on that part, but my experience on TSA Pre-Check has been mixed. Sometimes companions are allowed through, other times not. May depend on agent, business of checkpoint, or none of the above.

  3. Hey! This was my original question to you above, and since the latest SW app update, checking me in did not check her in even though we are traveling on the same itinerary. She checked in 24 hrs out and got a terrible position. SW won’t let her board with my in my better position. However, we have been successful in getting her through all fly-by lanes with me. 🙂

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