Packing list for a four day business trip: Spring

Spring is so weird. One day it’s 80 and sunny and the next day it’s 52 and cloudy.  It was like that all across the country this week! What’s a business traveler to do? Obviously, checking the weather forecast is key. But the best thing to do is create outfits that can be tweaked to be made appropriate for warmer or cooler weather, just by changing a few things.

Cardigans, slacks, and dresses are solid pieces for a spring time trip, but those are kind of a given. The one thing I try to do is bring tops that can stand alone in case it gets too warm for my cardigan. This is actually less of a deal in the summer, because by then you can pretty much count on office air conditioning to be blowing full blast, making it that sweater necessary. In the spring, though, the wild swings in temperature mean that even if it’s warm outside the heater could be on. If your shirt has sleeves (or at least is more substantial than a cami) you’re good either way.


My packing list:

  • Navy pants
  • Black pants
  • Blue dress
  • Mustard dot cardigan
  • Pink cardigan
  • Navy blouse
  • White/black dot blouse
  • Turquoise tee
  • Nude flats
  • Black and white houndstooth flats
  • Trench coat (in case of a surprise rainshower!)

As always, more outfits can be made than the ones I have here. Either cardigan could be worn over the dress if it gets too cold, or you could switch up the cardigans and the tops. If you were headed to a warmer climate, you could exchange one of the pairs of pants for a skirt. Alas, I was in Boston this week where the high was 52 degrees on Tuesday, so I stuck with pants. Also: I was in the office four days this trip, but I had to fly in the night before so there are five outfits.


  • Day 1 (travel): Black pants+turquoise tee+flats
  • Day 2 (office): Blue dress+yellow belt+nude flats
  • Day 3 (office): Navy slacks+turquoise tee+yellow cardigan+nude flats
  • Day 4 (office): Black pants+black and white dot blouse+houndstooth flats
  • Day 5 (office, travel): Navy slacks+navy and white blouse+pink cardigan+nude flats

Readers, what are you packing for trips this spring?

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  1. Where are those necklaces from? I’ve been looking for something like that, but no luck.

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