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The Home Warrior sent me a link to the B-tourist passenger privacy screen saying, “Maybe you can write about this silly thing?” b-touristSilly thing? I thought. What in the world is he talking about? Then I looked at the picture.

Yeah, the B-tourist is pretty crazy. It’s an elastic band that fits around your seat and the seat in front of you and offers you a measure of privacy while flying. There are rings that allow you to adjust the width of the band, so you can have a little strip of fabric between you and your seat-mate all the way to a thick strap completely blocking your face.

I certainly see some complications. If your seat doesn’t have a headrest it won’t work. It’s not practical for someone who is not in the window seat. And would airlines even let it be used? Because in an emergency it seems like it would be an impediment.

All of that being said, I can relate to wanting to pretend I’m in my own space, even when there is someone right next to me. While actual space would be best, the illusion of space is better than nothing. One of the best parts are that it can be sort of snapped together so you have a place to rest your head. That sounds lovely!

Would you use the B-tourist?

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  1. If I were sitting in front of him, I’d be tempted to recline and bring my seat upright at random times, just for fun. Seems likely to be a safety hazard (in addition to entanglement, could it prevent the seat in front from being raised up?). OTOH, if it kept him from falling asleep and slumping onto my shoulder, perhaps I’d see the risk as worth it…

  2. “Other” I’m thinking he’d be better served by buying those big blinders they put on horses. That way, while everyone in the plane could be looking & laughing, he’d be in his own private world.

  3. This hits me the same as the inflatable headrest pillows that go on the tray for you to sleep forward on top of… way too much effort and clutter for too little benefit. and to your point- only functional at the window and hardly safety- legal. unless you plan to be reading or watching a movie… I’d just do eye covers and block the entire plane out LOL I also would think that the setup of this would be disturbing and offensive to those seated with you. THAT might be a second question… how would you feel if someone sitting next to you set one of these up? I’d feel invaded by the process – I get offended enough by folks reading newspaper and turning the pages, arms flinging out in your face as they do LOL. just my opinion but I hope I never ever see these on a plane LOL

  4. Where do I start with this. It wouldn’t be allowed by airlines. It couldn’t be used in emergency rows. It wouldn’t fit every plane. If anyone reclines it won’t work. Everyone around you would laugh at you. Etc., Etc.
    It’s like a cartoon out of Car and Driver magazine 🙂

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