Beauty Monday: Avoid wrap dresses for travel

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Dresses are great for business travel. They make getting dressed in the morning easy, since all you have to do is choose shoes and accessories and BR Gemmayou’re ready to get out of the door. You can add layers if you want but they’re not required. And in the summer a dress is the best way to be comfortable and beat the heat! My favorite dresses are jersey or ponte with short or three-quarter length sleeves.

As much as I like dresses for travel, there is one kind that I recommend to stay far away from for trips. That is the wrap dress. Wrap dresses are adorable and often flattering, but they can be catastrophic in the wrong conditions. They are just too much work! If there is too much wind, you are carrying a lot of stuff, or you have to contort yourself to get your bag in the overhead bin, you are asking for trouble. It’s hard enough to taking a suitcase and briefcase through security and on to a plane, much less if you have to use one of your hands to hold your dress closed.

While riding the parking shuttle a few weeks ago I noticed the very cute outfit one of my fellow passengers was wearing—a black and white dress with black heels and colorful jewelry. As she was getting off the shuttle a gust of wind came up, and she had to stop organizing her suitcase and purse in order to hold her dress shut. Not good if you have to run to make your flight! Even though they are cute (I love the Banana Republic Gemma, pictured), a wrap dress will make your business trip harder. Save them for your days at home!

Readers, do you wear wrap dresses on business trips? Any other types of clothing you avoid?

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  1. I think that maybe you have forgotten about that marvelous invention called a safety pin. A couple of those strategically placed ensure that there will be “no free shows” while wearing a wrap dress. Wrap dresses are great to travel in so long as you have them pinned properly.

    Safety pins…..don’t leave home without them!

  2. @Nancy That’s a really great point. Safety pins cover a multitude of issues! However, I’ve yet to master pinning a wrap dress in a way that looks good and doesn’t open, so it’s safer for me to leave them at home.

  3. I love wrap dresses, but I had a few that just were not ready to be worked in. I found, at the Dian Von Furstenburg outlet store, the perfect wrap dresses, and they were less than half price. The wrap part of the dress is much more generous in fabric, and doesn’t fly open. I have seen outlet stores in several cities, Dallas, Ft Lauderdale, Orlando.

  4. I also found a little button that connects like a tie pin and holds the flap and the bust closed. I purchased them online, 3 for $10

  5. As above, a safety pin, just on the hip generally controls most flyaways enough. Mind you this is predicated on the assumption that your dress designer hasn’t cheaped out and has used enough fabric in the underside of the wrap. It’s worth buying more expensive ones just for this reason.

  6. Or wear a slip! I can’t figure out how to pin a wrap dress so that the drape doesn’t look awkward when I move around (I spend a lot of time giving presentations so this is a real concern), so I just wear a plain jersey slip underneath wrap dresses.

  7. I love wrap dresses. I just wear a slip under the dress. I love them too much to not wear them 🙂

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