1. This guy is a blow-hard with a brittle “strategy” and a deal-killer who is clearly willing to do whatever can get him some extra eyeballs on his blog (which is plastered in CC affiliate links).

  2. +1 Sounds like perk abuse via Evolve. And also, the banks could get wind and shut him down as well. Good luck, fringe user, good luck. But, slow it down for the rest of us amateurs 🙂

  3. Hope he succeeds. And gets the loophole closed. MS spend is right up there with money laundering.

  4. Evolve has already closed the ability for this guy to do this. They have limited it to 4 payments per month per account he tries credit to. Unless he has over 40 different accounts he can push evolve payments through he is already dead in the water. Good riddance.

  5. why propagate such a bad article? Not only is it full of inaccuracies, it never mentions risks. Like for example how he recommends using evolve to overpay accounts at retail stores like Victoria secrets and then request refunds. Yeah thats a solid long term strategy to liquidate 1500 a day. what could go wrong?

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