Business travel news roundup

Here are a few of the stories that caught my eye this week. Looks like packing light just got more important.  CNN reports that United is cracking down on oversized carry-ons and Running With Miles has a great roundup of bags that comply. Interesting. Find airfare deals in ‘Zone of Indecision‘, from USA Today. And…

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What was important in Aprils past?

April 2012: Although I hope you never have to travel while injured, here are some tips for making it easier. And yes, these are from my own experience. I spent a lot of time prepping for my two week conference, with strategies for packing and being out of the office that long. For some, eating…

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What was important in Novembers past?

November 2011: I did a super fun Business Traveler Interview with Aliza Sherman and Danielle Smith. After suffering from a sinus infection, I gave tips for avoiding them. I went to Blog World, and figured out how to pack for a conference. Transitioning to Fall Wardrobe November 2010: Learn what happens when you don’t stay…

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