Beauty Monday: Makeup with SPF

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We are in the middle of summer, and we are really feeling it down in Texas! The temperatures are high and the sun is bright. Duringsunscreen spf summer people tend to spend more time outside, even during the week—walking to lunch, taking a coffee break al fresco, playing with the kids after work. It doesn’t always occur to us to put sunscreen on for these short activities, but we are definitely being exposed to harmful UV rays.

One way I have tried to make this a no brainer is by investing in makeup with SPF in it. Many different types have built in sunscreen, including moisturizer (such as the CoverGirl Smoothers, pictured), foundation, and lip gloss. It’s not foolproof, but it’s definitely better than nothing in case I forget to put it on later.

Readers, does your makeup have SPF in it?


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