Taking care of the ones left at home

Business travel is not always easy. The early mornings, delayed flights, and time away from home all take their toll. However, if you6-30-14-2 have a family then your business trip can be hard on them too. Here are a few ways to make a business trip easier on the ones left at home.

FaceTime. It may seem like a no-brainer, but crazy schedules make connecting more difficult. Try to schedule a regular FaceTime or phone chat. Even if you talk to your spouse and not your kids, it makes the parent at home feel like part of a team.

Make some meals. One of the hardest things for the Home Warrior can be all of the meal prep. If the Mini Warrior is having a good day, it goes smoothly. But if he’s not feeling great or is clingy (hooray toddlers!) then it can be impossible. I will often get a crockpot meal (pictured is  the crockpot we own) or casserole ready before I leave, and the Home Warrior just heats it up at dinner time.

Bring a present home. Whenever my brother-in-law travels for work he brings home a small gift for my 4 year old nephew. It’s usually something small, and he tries to find something that reflects the place he visited. It helps everyone feel more connected.

Send pictures. One great idea  a reader suggested was to have your kids research the city you are going and find a couple of interesting local spots for you to visit. Take a picture of yourself and send it to your kids. This way everyone feels involved in the trip!

Give the parent a break. It’s not always possible, but if you can arrange for the kids to go stay with your parents or a friend for a few hours it will really help the parent at home. 24/7 care is a lot of work!

Give them something to look forward to. Plan a family vacation (or something fun) so you and your family have some fun travel to look forward to.

Do chores. Clean the house, do laundry, and wash dishes before your trip so there’s minimal maintenance while you are gone. Another suggestion:  Avoid honey do lists if possible. The parent at home has plenty of things to do already! When you arrive home, be prepared to take over child duty.

Business travel is tough on the family left at home, but if everyone works together as  a team it is definitely manageable.

Readers, what are your suggestions for making things easier for the family while you’re gone?


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  1. Lovely post that connects with my life and travel perfectly. Thanks for the ‘research’ tip.

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