1. I’m sorry but 28 reservations in less than 2 days … I’m siding with AA. Your friend was clearly trying to trick the system and got what he deserves.

  2. So after (accidentally or not) using a questionable method of checking seats, your friend accepts that he might have done something against AA’s Terms and Conditions in writing, then when he complains loud enough about how he’s treated following his own admitted violation (with your help) AA offers to back down and he is now unwilling to take their settlement…. based on his supposed integrity? Pretty sure the definition of integrity includes consistently adhering to something, not flip flopping all over the place.

  3. What puts me over the top on this is if this is someone who flies 2-3 a month they know the deal. It’s not like the person who flies once a year and doesn’t know any better.

  4. @Sam, 28 reservations where the guy never clicked a single button that said “hold, “save” or “confirm”…And @DaninSTL, I fly twice weekly and had no idea that this was against the rules.

    Im tired of hearing about this story simply because AA is too stupid to own up to its mistake and make changes to help educate their customers and help themselves. This childish reaction is overstepping and has created a story I can’t imagine anyone at AA being proud of.

    Its the worst AArogance and AAnti-customer approach of pmUS and pmAA and I really with the new leadership team would use this as an example to show why the “New American” would be different.

  5. I could handle an update when it’s all resolved, but an entire post to try to get us to advocate on your friend’s behalf is too much. Particularly given that the blog has been a little thin on actual content lately.

  6. What the guy did was wrong. What AA did was wrong.

    You can check a seatmap without putting in a name or anything. You do that on the page where it shows you the prices and schedules.

    What AA did was wrong too. Get a better IT system.

  7. I like the updates. I hope AA loses this in the end. They have a stupid system that needs exposed for its flaws, and fixed.

  8. I may be missing something but if I request a fare, and one is quoted to me, I assume seats are available at that fare. The only way that can be done is if AA “held” those seats for a fare request. I bet the DOT would get a heck of a lot more complaints if once a fare was quoted, the seats were not actually available (because someone else clicked Hold first.) I don’t think AA’s system is flawed.

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