One dress, two ways—change your look with accessories

Packing for a business trip can be overwhelming. Making sure you have everything you need for several days of outfits and beauty can be daunting! Not mention having to fit everything in your carry-on. At least it’s easier in the summer than winter since clothes and shoes are much lighter.

One of the core rules of packing for a business trip is that all of your pieces must do double-duty. People often think that means dresses are out, because how can you change a dress to look like something other than, well, a dress? The truth is, adding accessories or a shirt can completely change your dress’s look. For winter, I actually like sleeveless dresses better because you can then layer over or under. For summer I prefer something with sleeves since you don’t need as many layers.


In this example, I used a black dress. Depending on what accessories you use the dress could be patterned or striped, but if you’re concerned about people remembering what you wore black is a safe option. In the version on the right, adding simple jewelry and summery flats lighten up the severity of the solid black. In the version on the left, topping the dress with a cardigan and belt makes it look like a skirt. In cooler weather you could tie a chambray shirt over it and wear boots. The possibilities are endless!


Readers, how do you make pieces on your packing list do double duty?


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