Cool travel gadget: charger with different plugs

Due to the nature of my job, I rarely travel with coworkers. A recent trip to New York was a happy exception. Not only did my com-padcoworker make the overall trip (and occasional boring meeting) much more fun, but he introduced me to a travel gadget I hadn’t seen before.

I have had a Jackery Mini mobile charger for a couple of years now, and it is great. Simply charge it before a flight and it will power my phone or Kindle for hours. As someone who only discovered mobile chargers in the last few years, being able to charge my devices in-flight without a plug feels like a minor miracle. I still had to bring the cords for each device, but I was so glad to have the charger it never occurred to me to complain.

During the trip last month, on the drive to the office my coworker complained about his phone not holding a charge anymore and pulled out a mobile charger by Com-Pad. This one looked just like mine but had a bundle of cords attached to it. I watched, fascinated, as he found the right plug for his iPhone, then plugged it in to charge. The bundle of cords also included a mini-USB, iPhone 4, and Sumsung charger. He explained that not only would it charge a variety of devices, but you can plug your device directly into a USB wall outlet when you’re at the hotel to charge a number of items using only one plug. Even better, to plug in the charger itself you just had to reverse the cords and plug it into a USB outlet. Genius!

So of course I bought one, and it has simplified the packing of electronics so much. Now I don’t need a bunch of cords and plugs—just one wall plug, one mobile charger, and one bundle of cords. It all fits into one tiny bag, leaving more room for all the other necessary business travel gear.

Readers, how have you simplified your electronics bag over the years?


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  1. This thing looks awesome. I bought a portable battery based on your prior recommendation, so I’m not in the market for another, but you can buy just the cord, which would work the same with my existing portable battery!

  2. ever since i discovered one of those, i never have a dead electronic. super handy for airports now too, with that new US DOT rule that you need to have laptops/cell phones that can turn “on” during the security check in process!

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