My summer go-to business travel outfit

I am in the middle of a frenetic travel period. I’ve been traveling every week for two months, and I’ve got one more month before I get a breather. At this point I’m so burnt out from the constant time on the road I don’t even care about what to wear. This makes it hard to gear up to pack every week! Choosing what clothes to wear for the next week isn’t always easy on a normal basis, but doing it week in and week out really feels like a chore.

During times like these I turn to my travel uniforms. The details may change, but the basics stay the same. I can’t choose every little thing for every single day, so I just mix and match the pieces and voila! Packing is a cinch. The most important criteria is that every single thing be comfortable and flattering. After that, everything is secondary.

Here is my current business travel day uniform, that I will wear starting at 5am (or like last week, 4am, ugh) while traveling to my destination through a full work day. Right now I will either choose a jersey or ponte dress or stretch slacks and patterned blouse. I’ll bring a blazer if I need to look more formal than usual when I arrive, otherwise I bring a cardigan to wear in case the plane is freezing. For travel days I will go with simple jewelry, just studs and a drop necklace in a neutral metal. No matter what outfit I choose, I always wear my nude flats as they are my most comfortable for hiking through airports. To top it off I keep my ever versatile pashmina tucked into my travel purse in case I need an extra layer during transit.

(Stay tuned for next week’s go-to summer packing list.)

go to travel day outfit

Readers, what’s your travel day “uniform”?


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