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Here are a few of the stories that caught my eye in the last week or so…. news pic bag

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  1. I think reclining seats should be banned-I never use the function as I am aware there is someone squashed in behind me-with limited room, it doesn’t work well. More importantly, something should also be done about jerks on planes. The worst that happened to me was on a flight to Maui. I had had a bad migraine that morning and was still feeling very sick. Next to me was a woman-in her 30s- and her kid. Her husband was behind in the middle seat. She TOLD (not asked) me to give up my seat so HE could have it and when I refused-saying I had a CHOICE to say NO, had reserved my seat weeks ahead (unlike them), needed an aisle seat, and FELT VERY SICK, she kicked and punched me sufficiently to draw blood. This, with a migraine with aura. She called me names and ranted and raved because I chose not to do as she insisted for what I feel are valid reasons. She then called a flight attendant and “nicely” asked her to move them all. As she left, she kicked me in the leg again, saying “It’s all about you isn’t it?” when it was so obviously all about HER. Her husband called me a “Gonzo bitch” (whatever that means, I have no idea) as they left. Why didn’t I say anything? I was dealing with the aftermath of a bad migraine and felt if I did that she would say I had hit her kid or something. So I let it go. But I remain shocked at the sense of entitlement of some people, their lack of basic manners, and their failure to understand that other people may think differently than they do. If someone asks you, can you do x, you have an option to say NO. People forget this. If that choice is not what they expected, they will have to deal with that. Kicking and verbal abuse is the behavior of a spoiled toddler. I got off that flight bleeding.

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