Only in Vegas

It was a flight like any other.  I gaze out the window at the beautiful desert landscape.  The captain comes on with our weather: “Bright and the beessunny day in Las Vegas today with a temperature of ninety eight degrees. Enjoy the temps under a hundred while you can!”  I put my laptop away and brace myself for our landing.  I notice the older gentleman next to me staring at the Vegas strip as we continue to descend.  This man is obviously here to gamble with what I can only assume is his lucky Vegas shirt: a button-up covered in pictures of poker chips.   We land.  “Welcome to sunny Las Vegas!” the captain announces.   I look out the window at the strip as we taxi to our gate, disappointed because I’m here for business and not pleasure.

As we continue to our gate I notice something odd.  No other planes are in sight.  A strange feeling creeps over me.  It was like we were in the middle of nowhere.  Thump.   What was that, I thought?  I look around to see if anyone else noticed the sound.  Thump, thump.  “Did you hear that?” I said to the older gentleman next to me.  “Hear what?” he says.  Thump, thump, thump, thump………………  It sounded like large hail pounding the airplane, but there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. The lady behind me screams.  One scream leads to another and another.  Panic begins rushing through the cabin.  I try to look out the window to see what is happening. THUMP!  Bees.  Bees as big as my fist!  They are desperately trying to get in the plane.  I panic.  “What is it?” asks the older man.  I ignore him.  My instincts were to get away from the window, as far away from the bees as possible.  I break my etiquette rules and climb across the man to try and get to the aisle.  It was the only thing I could think to do.  “We’re being attacked by bees!” the captain yells.  The sound of glass is heard throughout the plane.  Everyone is shrieking.  “I’m going to try to and lose them!  Hang on I’m attempting to takeoff!” the captain yells again.  Then I hear a horrific sound.  “Ahhhhhhhh ZZZZZZZZZZZZ”.  The sound came from the captain’s intercom.

There was a few seconds of eerie silence.  Everyone in the cabin was staring at the cockpit door wondering if the terror was over.  THUMP, THUMP, THUMP!!   The large thumps continued, now coming from the cockpit door.  Hundreds of them.   I had my hands over my face in the aisle wanting this all to end.  I fearfully peek through my hands and see the cockpit door rip open.  A flight attendant screams…

Ok, so that’s not exactly how it went down the last time I landed in Vegas. What actually happened is while we were taxiing to the gate we had to stop about twenty feet out due to a swarm of bees. We waited for a while for them to disperse but eventually had to move to another gate. Luckily they were normal bees, not giant mutant bees, but it was still too dangerous for anyone to be outside.

Today I head back to Vegas for a conference, but the Home Warrior and I will get a day and a half of vacation first. Fingers crossed for an uneventful journey!

Readers, what strange things have you experienced that kept your plane from the gate?

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  1. That’s a twisted nightmare. Thanks. I’ll be in Vegas next week.
    Mutant giant killer bees? Tarantino would be pleased.

  2. Swarming bees are very docile. They fill up on honey and swarm looking for a new home. Please don’t perpetuate these harmful myths about the greatest aid to agriculture in the world.

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