Beauty Monday: Indulge with a bath bomb

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With delayed flights, time away from loved ones, and packed schedules, business trips are not conducive to relaxation. That’s why a traveler should be prepared to seize the opportunity if it arises! A couple of weeks ago the Home Warrior and I were in Vegas for a conference at the Mandalay Bay. We were lucky enough to get an upgraded room with a lovely bathroom and large soaking tub. I knew I wouldn’t have much time, but I had to squeeze in a bubble bath. When we were walking home from eating dinner that night we passed a Lush store, and it was as if the stars were aligning. I popped in, got a deliciously scented bubble bath bomb, and spent the evening lounging in the tub watching Friends reruns. It was glorious.

I won’t always be so lucky to have such easy access to beauty products, and as a woman who prides herself in packing lightly it’s hard to recommend adding a “just in case” item to one’s toiletry kit. But I will be keeping bath salts or an extra bath bomb in my bag  moving forward, just in case I have another opportunity to relax in the tub.

Readers, do you ever get a chance to relax or do some pampering on business trips?

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