Visiting a wind farm on a South Texas road trip

Last week I posted about a house the Home Warrior and I always laugh at when driving to visit my grandmother in South Texas. It has a wind turbinedoor on the second level that I wouldn’t recommend stepping out of!  According to a reader apparently these types of doors are called a “Scooby-Doo Door” (funny).  Anyway, I said in that post that one of my favorite things to see on this trip is the wind farm in Raymondville.  I don’t know how many wind turbines there are on this farm but I’m guessing there are dozens (hundreds?), and they seem to go on forever.  We’ve driven past them several times and have always been curious if there was a way to go see them up close. On this trip that question was answered!10-8-14-6

When driving down the highway we saw a road which looked as if it would take us directly to the wind turbines.  We weren’t sure if we should exit or not but decided to give it a shot.  There were several other exits we could have taken as we later found out but our exit was extra special.  (I should have been tipped off by the “Don’t pick up hitchhikers” sign!)10-9-14-1

It took us right by the Willacy County State Jail, and required us to go down a scary dirt road to  the wind turbines.  We were a little nervous that we may come across a jail break but my years-long desire to see a wind turbine up close helped us overcome that fear.  At one point going down the dirt road it looked as if we were going to be run over by a huge tractor but it turned at the last second and didn’t cross the road we were on.


I thought surely they would have the wind turbines fenced off, but as we got closer it was apparent that we were going to be able to go right up to it.  From afar they are impressive structures, and as you can imagine up close they were just breath taking.  wind turbine

It was so peaceful out there hearing the sounds of it turning in what felt like the middle of nowhere.  Here’s short video for you so you can get an idea of our experience.

We were tempted to go up the stairs of the of the wind turbine to see if the door was open leading to the top, but we figured it wasn’t a good idea with a jail less than a mile away.


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  1. If anyone is in the panhandle, Lubbock has a cool wind museum (appropriate) with a shorter wind turbine and one of the blades to view up close.

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