Hilton starting a new “lifestyle” brand

Normally when I hear that a company is creating a new “lifestyle” brand I roll my eyes. According to Wikipedia a lifestyle brand, in theory, Becker wineattempts to embody the interests, attitudes and opinions of a group or a culture. It seems gimmicky, and often feels like pandering. But sometimes the brand actually sounds like a really cool idea.

Case in point. USA Today reported that Hilton has announced a new lifestyle brand called Canopy. Instead of being placed near airports or strip malls, each hotel will be placed inside a neighborhood. The idea is that the hotel will draw inspiration from that neighborhood and provide a unique experience rather than a cookie-cutter design. It will include more interesting breakfast fare like quiche and an evening reception with local brews.

Personally, I love staying in boutique hotels. The interesting little details and local influences make a boring business trip more fun. It’s nice to learn a little about the city you’re visiting, rather than staying in a hotel that could literally be anywhere in the world. However, despite my preference for unique places to stay I always end up in chains so I can maximize points. I then try to get a taste for the city in other ways, such as checking the local sites or dining at local eateries. (Pictured: One of my favorite local Texas wines.)

At my age I’m considered to either be the tail end of Gen X or at the very beginning of the Millennials. But apparently I am exactly the target market for this brand because I think everything they are doing with Canopy sounds awesome. Quiche? Delicious! Local wines? Please! Unique to the location? Absolutely! I don’t know if what Hilton is doing fits the definition of a lifestyle brand, but if they can give a boutique experience with Hhonors points, I will definitely stay at Canopy properties.

Readers, do you prefer boutique or chain hotels?

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