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Hey readers! Got a question or something you want to discuss this weekend?  Here’s the perfect opportunity!  Whether you want to share an Weekend Express picinteresting travel story, a packing tip, an etiquette tip, or anything else going on in the business travel world, comment here and we’ll have a discussion.

Travel tip of the week:

  • It can be pretty frustrating to stand in line, waiting to talk to a ticket agent, so I recommend calling the airlines customer service while you’re in line. That way if the line isn’t moving fast enough you have a possible quicker alternative for resolution by phone.

Week in review:

Here are travel news stories that caught my eye this week:

Comment of the week:

This week I asked readers to provide their favorite strategy for maximizing points for a contest I was running for National (I plan to announce a winner later today if you entered).  @Zara ‘s strategy is our comment of the week.  “My kids in college are authorized users on my card. Their occasional charges earn me points!!”

Readers, chime in with what’s on your mind! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

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