Travel Etiquette: Knocking people down is not polite

There are times when it’s understandable for people to run through the airport. A delayed flight, a short connection, a last-minute gate change. suitcase handleSometimes we have to hurry! But that doesn’t excuse knocking people down and not acknowledging it.

Case in point. I was waiting for the car rental shuttle a couple of weeks ago. I wasn’t necessarily standing out of the way, but I wasn’t in the main walkway. When the shuttle arrived, a man got off and walked quickly toward the main airport. But as he passed me he bumped the back of my leg with his suitcase, which caused me to fall down to the ground. (Good thing I was wearing pants that day!) He didn’t say, “Oh my god are you okay?” which is what I would have said. He didn’t even say, “Excuse me,” or, “Sorry!” He just looked back, saw that I was on the ground but not sobbing, and kept going.

Now, I know that sometimes when we are rushing we are not always cognizant of where our bags are. We should always make the effort to be aware of our personal space and make sure we are not infringing on others’ personal space, as best we can. Sometimes accidents happen, I get it. But in this instance—he knew he had run into me, saw me on the ground, and kept going without saying anything—that is bad. Like, really bad. What if I had been actually injured? Or unable to get up? What if he had run into an elderly person?

I know there are a lot of delays right now—I have experienced them on every single flight this month. But I beg you, pay attention to where you’re going and what effect you are having on others. There is no excuse for this man’s behavior!

Readers, have you had any travel etiquette experiences with people unaware of (or just ignoring) their impact on others?

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