10 Piece Business Travel Wardrobe

A couple months ago I mentioned a new blog I’m following, Travel Fashion Girl. She has great packing advice for all kinds of trips. One of her rules/suggestions/recommendations is that you only pack 10 pieces plus accessories. Challenge accepted!

Here are the ten pieces I consider critical:

  • 1 dress
  • 2 pairs of pants
  • 3 shirts
  • 1 cardigan
  • 1 blazer
  • 1 pair of boots
  • 1 pair of flats

10 piece wardrobe

With these pieces you could make enough outfit combinations for weeks. Here are just a few combinations I came up with:

10 piece wardrobe outfits

The individual pieces are:


I actually think ten is too many for only one week, but is the perfect amount for two weeks. Of course, I would have loved to add just one more pair of shoes!

Readers, how many pieces do you usually travel with?



  1. I love this list! Question- in addition to the above items, what do you pack for pjs? And how many sets?

  2. @Tara I usually pack yoga pants and a tank for PJs. For one week I just take one set. For two weeks I take two. They are pretty small so I just shove them into the tiny spaces in my suitcase.

  3. I pack very similar. My additions are a sarong (scarf/shawl/beach towel/ cover/) yoga pants and a plain black one piece swimming costume that I can wear under jacket/ shirt as a cami and can wear to the pool beach or gym (with the yoga pants) I

  4. I love this packing list but I do have a question. How do you keep the clothes fresh when you reuse them several times during that week?

  5. @Cynthia I have found that simply hanging everything up in the closet rather than leaving it folded in the suitcase works wonders. I know others who bring tiny bottles of Downy Wrinkle Releaser or Febreeze. I think I saw on Corporette that some people spray tiny amounts of vodka on their clothes, but I’ve never tried that one!

  6. I would have to say shoes should be considered an accessory. That way you can get 2 more Pieces to stretch your wardrobe. I have used just a quick spritz of my regular body spray (that doubles as perfume) to freshen things up. Less liquids to fit in your baggie to get through security.

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