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There’s not much more frustrating than trying to use an electronic and realizing there’s no power.  Whatever the reason—a dead battery, lack of battery caseplugs, or not having a plug converter in a foreign country—it’s something business travelers have to deal with regularly. To avoid the headache, here are some ideas to give your electronics the precious power they need.

SmartBackpack  I just found out about this product from a Yahoo story.  It’s a backpack that has battery charging abilities built into the fabric.  It also has an app that syncs with your backpack via Bluetooth to help you monitor things like battery levels.  Pretty cool, but I have concerns about extra weight and heat produced from charging.  The company admits it’s heavier than a typical backpack but it’s not as heavy as it could have been because they used light weight material on the exterior.  The heat concern is addressed by vents, plus the app which will alert you if there’s something overheating.    

Maxboost Atomic S External Protective iPhone 5S Battery Case with Built-in Kickstand.  A friend told me about this and I think it’s really cool.  It’s a case with a built-in battery!  It also has a built-in kickstand which is great for hands-free usage.  Pretty awesome idea.  

Jackery mobile charger. Many airplanes have places to charge your devices, but the one time you count on it is the one time there won’t be one. A portable charger takes up the same amount of room as a lipstick but will charge your phone or other small device twice.

Belkin SurgePlus 3-Outlet Travel Surge Protector with Dual USB Ports. If you want to be the star of your next conference (or your next airplane waiting room, for that matter) pack a surge protector in your bag. There are never enough plugs! 

International Power.  For international travel I recommend a converter surge protector, and for things like iPhones/iPads and other USB devices get a USB wall plugBe sure to read through the restrictions on these products.  For instance, it’s recommended to buy certain things like hair dryers locally.  Also, the USB wall plug has four different options based on where you’ll be traveling so be sure you select the correct sized plug.

Readers, what are some products you recommend for power when traveling? 

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  1. Agree with this! Battery life of smathpone are really a pain. We use hotspot powebanks from huawei which allow us to charge the smartphone while being connected in wifi with the device. And you can charge the powerbank with a usb cable.

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