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At a recent lunch with girlfriends the discussion turned to our favorite beauty products. After waxing poetic about smashbox primerthe wonders of various mascaras, foundations, and serums, my friends wanted to know what my favorite beauty products for travel are. When I tried to mention mascara (without it I look asleep) and tinted moisturizer, they wanted to know about the stuff I don’t use at home, just on trips. Fair enough! Here are my favorite three beauty products for travel.

Face wipes. At home I can easily wash my face before bed. On the road, however, delayed flights, long days, and late-night arrivals make it all too tempting to fall into bed with my makeup still on. Face wipes to the rescue! I can “wash” my face driving to the hotel or while brushing my teeth, saving steps and bringing bedtime ever closer. My favorites are from Korres (during the summer when my skin is less dry) and Burt’s Bees (during winter).

Primer. For a normal day, my daily makeup routine is plenty. But for a marathon travel day or insanely long work day I’ve got to use primer first. It makes my makeup go on more smoothly and stay put even through the rigors of business travel. I’ve tried a few, and my fave is still the Smashbox Photo Finish.

BB cream concealer. When I’m at home I just put my tinted moisturizer under my eyes and call it concealer, but that won’t cut it for late nights and long travel days. I love, love, love my Smashbox Camera Ready BB Eye Cream. It is thick enough to offer plenty of coverage but still blends well and looks natural. Plus it moisturizes, which my poor eyes desperately need.

Honorable Mention: Lip balm. Obviously I use lip balm at home, but I use it so much more often on the road. Every night before bed I make sure I have my water and my lip balm on the hotel bedside table, in case I wake up parched in the middle of the night. My new favorite is from Eos—minty fresh and super cute.

Readers, what are your favorite travel beauty items? Anything you use on the road but not necessarily at home?

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