Drama during extended stays

When you’re on the road for an extended period of time you can see a lot wild stuff. With thousands of people 3-20-15-1coming and going while you yourself stay, you are almost bound to be in the middle of some dramatic situations.

My cousin recently went on a three-month business trip.  One day he was in the lobby of his extended stay hotel when he noticed a lot of commotion.  He asked another person what was going on and they said a lady in the bathroom was having a drug overdose. The paramedics took her away and he’s unsure what ended up happening to her.  Then a few weeks later he was in his room when the fire alarm went off.  Fire trucks showed up and took care of what apparently was a fire in the hotel’s kitchen.  Crazy! Not sure I would be returning to that particular hotel myself….

While I’ve never experienced anything that dramatic at a hotel I have twice been on long stays in the Philippines with a typhoon barreling down on me. Luckily in both cases I was able to get out before the worst of the storm hit.

If you are going on an extended business trip (or any business trip, really) be sure you have a card in your wallet with emergency phone numbers in case they need to be called and you can’t communicate this information . Also, understand that 911 is not the same number in every country.  Bookmark this State Department link which has the number to dial in emergency situations abroad.  Finally, if you are traveling abroad be sure you check the US State Departments travel advisory website before and during your travel. If a typhoon is heading to where you’ll be traveling an alert should be issued so you can make the appropriate decision on what to do.  The State Department website is a great source for many other things when traveling abroad so if you’ve never checked it out you should do so.   If you do happen to be traveling internationally on business for the first time be sure to check out my five part international business trip series.

Readers, because I’m curious, what kind of crazy things have you seen while traveling for an extended stay?

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