5 Products to make your business travel beauty routine humidity-proof

It’s August, and summer has much of the country in its sweaty grip. This time of year the heat and humidity play Smashbox primer 2havoc with skin and hair, turning sleek blowouts and shine-free skin into distant memories. Don’t worry! It is possible to maintain your beauty routine when traveling to extra-humid climates; it just takes a bit of tweaking. Here are my top five products for making my business travel beauty routine beat the humidity.

  1. It seems like in the summer my makeup just slides off the moment I step outside. Using primer first gives it something to hold on to, plus it makes my skin look smoother and more even. My favorite is by Smashbox—ifsmashbox bb cream I use it in the morning my makeup looks fresh even after a long 16-hour travel day.
  2. BB cream with SPF. My skin tends toward the dry side in the winter, but come summer I need way less moisture! BB cream is the ultimate multitasker, moisturizing your skin while protecting it from the sun, offering light coverage, and even doing some anti-aging. My favorite is (again) from Smashbox, as it makes my skin look flawless and stays Sephora blotting filmsforever.
  3. Blotting papers. If your skin gets shiny by mid-day, blotting papers will control the oil and give your makeup new life. I love the Sephora Mattifying Blotting Films—they are super easy to use and work really well.
  4. Hair smoothing cream. If I don’t use some sort of smoothing cream on my curly hair, the moment I step outside my locks explode into a puffball of frizz. Super aveda smooth infusionprofessional, let me tell you. I comb Aveda Smooth Infusion through my wet hair then style as normal, and it keeps my curls smooth and frizz-free. Of course, for really bad days I just surrender to the heat and put my hair up in one of my favorite travel hairstyles.
  5. Anti-chafing gel. Another fun summer treat—chafing. Use an anti-chafing gel anywhere your skin touches—underarms, inner thighs, etc. I have used Gold Bond Friction Defense in the past but really love monistat anti chafingMonistat Soothing Care Chafing Relief Powder-Gel. Some Amazon reviewers report using it as a makeup primer too—next time I run out of my Smashbox I will definitely try it!


Readers, how do you keep your beauty routine cool during travel to humid climes?

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  1. This is one of the most useful posts ever. The primer and chafing advice are particularly timely for me, thanks so much for the recommendations!

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