5 travel bags that hook onto your suitcase handle

Where can a new business traveler find a travel bag that hooks onto their suitcase? Reader R asks…Hedgren Adela

I’ve taken two business trips in the last few months and have several more scheduled before the end of the year. For Christmas my husband wants to get me a new work bag since my current computer bag is worn out and not very professional. On my trip last week I saw several passengers with their computer bags strapped to their suitcases. Where can I find one of those? It is such a good idea!

Great question! There are plenty of great work bags out there that will hold a computer, but not too many that have that all-important trolley strap. Being able to stack your purse or briefcase on top of your carryon makes sprinting through airports and maneuvering narrow airplane aisles much, much easier. Here are a few different computer bags that fit the bill.

This Samsonite Expandable Briefcase is very classic, good for both men and women. I like that you can choose your size—no sense in having a monster-sized bag if you don’t need it! Plenty of pockets and organizers mean there is a spot for all of your gear, and the SmartPocket slides over your rollaboard for ultimate mobility.

The Lo and Sons OG is one of the top business travel bags out there for women. It’s not cheap, but it’s so well designed, anticipating everything a frequent traveler would need. There are plenty of pockets inside and out, the trolley strap, even a place for your shoes. I have used one for going on four (maybe five?) years now and I see no reason to change.

Kenneth Cole’s Frame of Reference computer bag is lovely, streamlined, and sleek. It has plenty of room for your stuff, a zipper to keep it all contained, and very sturdy straps. The trolley strap is more narrow than your typical wide band, which makes it look like part of the design rather than a strictly utilitarian feature. I like it!

The Brinch Nylon Waterproof Case is affordable (only $35), has multiple sizes and colors available, and has a ton of pockets. Bonus: over 130 reviews and still has four and a half stars.

The Hedgren Adela is flat-out gorgeous. The simple lines keep it ladylike while the exterior quilting keeps it interesting. And of course, that ever important smart sleeve!

Prefer a backpack? Here are several professional-looking options.

5 travel bags

Readers, do you think a trolley strap is a necessity? What bag do you have?


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  1. I have the Morrison leather laptop handbag from Clark & Mayfield. All of their carry-all handbags have a strap to fit on suitcase handles. I love how well designed the pockets are inside to hold everything you can think of in its own place. Highly recommend them! I even have a discount code if you go through their online store- use ITRAVL for 15% off.

  2. I have the O.G. and I love the style, pockets, trolley strap, etc. I feel it gets very heavy and once I start packing some of the pockets become useless bc you can’t get to them. Does this happen to anyone else?

  3. I have a Tumi Laptop Tote and I love it.It does not have a specific trolley strap, but I can easily sling it over my roller bag at the airport. It is lightweight and holds the my laptop without problem. Added bonus it is a lovely marigold color!

  4. I like the Brinch Nylon Waterproof Case, however, I prefer the Louis Vuitton Horizon Briefcase or the Von Baer Business City Leather Laptop Bag(which I like more because it is durable and more affordable). They don’t have a trolley strap but the Von Baer has an adjustable strap that may be used in place.

  5. I change my travel bag depending on what I need to carry for the week. I have several to choose from and always look at the luggage section when shopping around. If it doesn’t have the trolley sleeve I won’t even consider it. I consider it essential part of a good bag.

  6. I agree with Spamela71 – after getting the Lo & Sons OMG bag, the trolley sleeve is 100% necessary. I’m actually finding the OMG to be a little too small, so I’m debating between getting the OG or a different bag, but I can’t seem to find one that I like as much!

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