Road trip tip: Use a courthouse restroom

Sorry to have been MIA for so long! We have wrapped up almost a week of celebrating with all of the different parts courthouse
of our family, and before that had over a week of literally every person in our house being sick. Things are finally getting back to normal, and I’m definitely enjoying the lull before the activity of the new year.

Like many of you, we drove several hours last week to visit family for the holiday. And this week we have family driving into town to see us for New Year’s. During the rest of the year there is plenty of travel, although most is work-related rather than fun. While I do most of my business trips by plane, I do a fair amount of driving. Car trips and plane trips have a lot in common, but there are some major differences: less dependence on others’ timetables; fewer packing restraints; more navigation requirements.

One important difference: no lavatory on board! Stopping to use the restroom is part of any driving trip. Sometimes it’s easy to combine a stop for food with a stop for the loo, but that’s not always practical. One of my favorite places to stop when driving through smaller towns is the courthouse. They are open to the public, typically pretty clean (more so than gas station restrooms!), and you get to see some really interesting older buildings.

Readers, what are your best tips for driving trips?

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  1. I also find that hotel lobby restrooms are also a good place to stop at. Always clean. Sometimes you can even grab a cup of coffee also.

  2. Good idea but some courthouses have bad parking and many county courthouses (even in small towns) have security with metal detectors, etc. No long lines but can be a pain.

  3. I have used courthouses in foreign countries where bathroom facilities up to my wife’s standards are not real common.

  4. I stop at hospitals if I need to use a bathroom. If you are travelling with an rv…..they are also a good place to sleep overnight. Security roams the parking lots so its safe.

  5. That’s a pretty good idea. You also figure a courthouse is pretty secure. Another use for courthouses: if you’re walking around a city at night, walk by a courthouse as much as possible because they tend to have extensive external security camera systems.

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