Healthy eating on business trips, without a lot of planning.

almondsI know. I’ve been complaining about being busy a lot lately. I promise I will stop soon! Until then….

For the last year and a half I have been either pregnant with or nursing twins. Therefore, I have been eating accordingly, basically everything in site. Now that I’m not nursing anymore I have GOT to start eating like a normal person again. And it would be nice if I could lose the last few pounds of baby weight!

The best way for me to lose weight is definitely cutting out most bread, sugar, and starches. The problem is that eating healthy takes planning, and I don’t have time to plan. It’s kind of doable at home, thanks to grocery delivery services and my awesome husband. But on the road figuring out what the heck to eat is a constant battle. Complicating things is that since the babies were born I’ve been prone to motion sickness, which I’ve never had before. The only thing that makes it better is constant snacking.

I used to have all kinds of strategies and tips for healthy snacks for travel and healthy eating on business trips. Don’t get me wrong–they are still good tips. I just have zero time to spend baking special low-carb crackers or creating other alternatives to the bad stuff. Plus my job has expanded dramatically, and I am often going straight from the office to the airport without stopping at home. Once I arrive and can eat in restaurants I’m good–give me a steak and some veggies (and a nice glass of red) and I am one happy girl. But from the time I arrive at the airport to getting to the hotel I need strategies for healthy (easy) snacks. Here are my ideas.

Tiny oranges. We first bought Lil Cuties for the Mini Warrior. Turns out he doesn’t like oranges right now, but mommy likes them a lot! They are easy to peel and taste delicious, easy to throw in my purse and eat as a snack any time in the day. Of course, this is only an option if I remember.

Yogurt. Greek yogurt is one of my favorite things. It’s thick and creamy, a tasty base for all kinds of stuff. At home I eat it for breakfast all the time with fruit or sugar-free jam. A lot of airports have it now, and eating it plain makes for a filling snack!

Nuts. I get nuts for every single flight now. They really help when I’m feeling airsick, hungry, or just need a snack. Almonds and cashews are my favorites, and can be found at virtually any airport shop.

Sparkling water. It has all the hydrating properties of still water but will fill you up a bit more (always good when you’re trying to avoid eating junk) and helps my stomach when it’s uneasy.

Cheese. In a pinch, I will get the cheese tray to go from Vino Volo and take it on my flight. It is sooooo tasty! I know this doesn’t work for all eating plans, but for low carb it’s a great option.

Salad. I really, really dislike salads. Like, if I have a choice between a salad with chicken and vegetables with chicken, I will choose the second one every time. Still, occasionally at the airport I will suck it up and get a salad. But it’s my least favorite option.

Burger or sandwich with the top off. It’s not ideal, and can be messy, but in a pinch I will get a cheeseburger or sandwich and just take the top piece of bread off. Definitely not the lowest carb option, but better than nothing!

Readers, help me out. Do you eat well when you’re traveling? Do you have time to plan for it? If not, what are your tips?


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  1. I almost always keep a couple of quest protein bars in my bag. These are low carb and filling, but the flavors are awesome. They feel like a treat.
    And I like to grab the little lunchables protein packs – they have chunks of deli meat, cheese, and nuts. They’re under 200 calories. I can usually find them at airport magazine shops, or at cvs/walgreens.
    Does ginger help your motion sickness? If so – I read a tip on The Kitchn awhile back to travel with a mug that has chopped fresh ginger, sliced citrus, and if you’d like, a tiny drizzle of honey – then once you’re past security, get hot water and let it steep for a little while and drink it. I’ve done this a few times in the winter for the warmth and hydration – but the ginger might be great for you!

  2. Try ginger capsules for motion sickness and queasy stomach. Works for some people.

  3. In the US I almost always have a fridge in my room. I swing by the local grocery and pick up Greek yogurt and a scoop of Granola from the bulk section. I eat this in the morning instead of the temptation of the breakfast buffet. That said, many buffets have good choices – hard boiled eggs, mini yogurts, fresh fruit. I may swing by as I go out the door. I get a coffee and grab something for my mid morning snack.
    Almonds are great (but it is too easy to eat too many). Low-fat mozzarella string cheese is good. Pre-cut veggies are a great snack too. You can get them as broccoli/cauliflower or broccoli/cauliflower/carrots. Some stores sell them as snack packs.
    I’ve also taken to protein powder shakes (I like Vega 1 vegetarian). The protein gives me a lot of satisfaction and keeps me from overeating. It’s a great bridge snack for the afternoon, although a little higher in calories (140 – 160 cals). I like the mocha and the Madagascar vanilla. Put 1 scoop per zip-loc. If you have a wide mouth water bottle you can substitute it for the shaker bottle. Just make sure you rinse it well!
    Commenting on Lindsay’s post – Ginger comes in powder form. Not as good as fresh, but more travel-worthy. Look for it in the Asian section of the supermarket, or patronize your local Asian grocery. I’ve also found it in single serve packets.

  4. Protein drinks and/or protein bars make good meal replacements helping maintain sufficient blood sugar (thereby insulin) levels. Once I land, I’ll usually stop at a Walgreens or CVS and stock up for the week. My favorite brand is “Premium protein” drinks with a whopping 35 grams of protein which fill me up and keep down the binge eating of bad food alternatives like burgers (LOVE “In-n-Out!

  5. At the airport or when rushing in the morning, I like to grab the Starbucks protein pack for breakfast along with my coffee. Boiled egg, cheese,a bit of fruit, peanut butter and a micro pita, keeps me going for the morning and much better than a muffin.

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