5 more professional backpacks for business travel

Victorinox HarmonyA while ago I wrote about a few backpacks that are professional enough for work, and would be great for business travel. It surprised me how popular that post ended up being. Evidently there are a ton of people out there looking for bags they can take on business trips that won’t hurt their backs, but still look nice.

While I was searching for suitcases for a reader a few nights ago I came across even more gorgeous, highly rated, professional-looking backpacks. Why a backpack instead of a traditional laptop bag? On day trips I prefer a backpack because I end up putting so much stuff in my bag that it kills my shoulder. Having the weight distributed evenly between my shoulders relieves the pressure on one side, making  for a much more comfortable trip.

Here are five professional backpacks that would be perfect for business travel.

Victorinox Harmony. (Pictured) For some reason it never occurred to me to look at my favorite luggage brands for a backpack. But the Victorinox Harmony is amazing. It’s so beautiful, converts from a backpack to a purse, has a trolley strap, plenty of pockets, and can hold up to a 15.6 inch laptop. It’s available in black or blue for $199, orange for $179, and brown or red for $99. I really, really want this bag!

Ogio International Soho Pack. The first thing that stood out to me about this backpack is the texture. The charcoal felt feels so luxurious, yet still sturdy. It’s an Ogio, which means quality, function, and  style. I love the sleek lines, distinctive buttons, and fun red lining. Available in gray felt, orange, or red for $77 on Amazon.

Knomo Beauchamp. I’m the first to admit I’m a sucker for a blue bag, but this backpack’s appeal goes beyond the color. The minimalist design doesn’t lend itself to a lot of pockets, but everything is well thought out and there is more space than initially appears. The description says it will hold a 14” laptop, although reviewers say they have fit a 15”. Available in sea-blue, navy, chestnut, and black for $179 on Amazon.

Mozone Lightweight Water Resistant Backpack. You would think with a design this sleek there wouldn’t be many pockets, but this backpack has a ton of space and will hold everything you need for travel. The padded straps mean a comfortable carry, and there are a variety of colors available. It’s water resistant  as-is, but comes with a raincover for added protection. Available in black (really charcoal), light blue, gray, light green, and purple for $49.

Bronze Times Shockproof Backpack. This backpack is available in three designs, two sizes, and six colors. All of them have the same square outline, which looks modern and fresh. Lots of pockets mean easy access to your gear, Love it. Available for $44 on Amazon.



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  1. I have an Ogio Renegade that one of our suppliers provided to the company. I guess “professional” is in the eye of the beholder, but I like it. Lot’s of handy pockets and compartments. At $125+ it’s a little more pricey than some you have (if you have to actually pay for it).

  2. What about the tumi backpacks while not cheap they are beautiful and last forever. My old one had one of the straps break (road warrior for almost 8 years with that backpack) and sent to tumi asking for repair. They said they couldn’t repair but would credit me the original purchase price towards buying new one (tumi arrive), still love it! I did have a vitronix about 1 years ago but it didn’t last a year with my rough travel.

  3. Thanks,
    I’m a traveler myself and I personally prefer bags that are light weight. The Bronze Times Shockproof Backpack for me is good because of its feature, durability and price.

  4. I like the Knomo Beauchamp but I would go with the Victorinox Harmony or something leather like the Von Baer Lincoln Leather Daypack. They are good quality for the price and can hold my 15.6″ laptop.

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