3 Ways to Combat Chafing

Heat and humidity. Trademarks of summer in much of the country, and right now in Texas it is boiling. An 18-hour travel/work day, with vigorous airport walking, can lead to plenty of irritation in sensitive spots. And if you have to walk, or <shudder> exercise outdoors? Major discomfort awaits. Here are the different tools in my arsenal I use to combat chafing when it’s hot out.

Shorts. I have used Jockey Skimmies for years to smooth out any lumps or bumps and to protect against accidental flashing. During the summer there’s another reason: protection from chafing.

Gels. When it’s so hot you don’t want to wear even a thin extra layer, try an anti-chafing gel to soothe your skin and protect it from friction. One I’ve used that I like a lot is the Monistat Soothing Care—which also works as a makeup primer, strangely enough. It goes on as a liquid but dries to a silky powder. A few years ago a reader also recommended Brave Soldier Friction Zone gel, which has cooling tea tree oil.

Sticks. There are also several different types of anti-chafing sticks on the market, which look just like a deodorant stick. I’ve used both Body Glide and Gold Bond. I liked Body Glide a little bit more, but Gold Bond is more readily available in my area.

Readers, how do you combat chafing in the summertime?


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  1. Anti monkey but powder. Bought based on advice for an India trip. A little messy but love it.

  2. +1 for Anti Monkey Butt powder as well as Zeasorb’s line of products. As a runner I use body glide and degree stick antiperspirant depending on the distance and heat.

  3. My husband also uses Monkey Butt for his cycling trips. He bought it for its funny name but found it a decent product.

  4. Omg, I had THE worst case of chafing this year, and I *never* had a problem with it before. Never. Fortunately, I had Vaseline, and I used it religiously until the chafing was completely gone.

    Afterward, I just used baby powder. But someone mentioned that recent studies have shown talcum powder is harmful? So now I use nothing and still haven’t had a problem. However…

    Vaseline makes the teeniest container I have ever seen, barely bigger than a thumbnail. I was so traumatized by that case of chafing that I now carry that tiny Vaseline everywhere, even in my smallest purse.

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