Don’t block the boarding lane. Please.

pleaseYou guys have heard me talk about crowding around the boarding area before your group is called. How it slows down the boarding process for everyone, so please don’t do it. Well, you know what really slows down boarding? When someone is standing in the middle of the boarding lane, not moving, completely oblivious to the line behind him. The problem was compounded by all of the people behind him waiting to board, who didn’t realize what the holdup was.

Now, part of the blame should be placed on the person directly behind him, who didn’t make it clear that she was trying to pass by him. But I don’t care who you are–whether you are in the current boarding group or not, don’t just stand there not moving. It is very possible that there are people behind you who need to board! It’s best to just wait to stand up and move to the boarding area until your group is called. But if for some reason you want to be up there, please don’t actually stand in the way of the boarding lanes. Wait to the side, please! And if the person in front of you isn’t moving but you need to pass by, be a little more assertive, as you may not be the only one needing to move forward.

I definitely think that the summer infrequent travelers are the reason for  a lot of the recent etiquette issues I’ve noticed lately. That should die down soon, and things will hopefully be back to normal. At least until the holiday travel season!

Readers, are you seeing more travel etiquette infractions these days?


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  1. People are entitled, oblivious, and flat out inconsiderate. This doesn’t stop when you walk into an airport. I couldn’t agree with you more.

  2. Oblivious people get on my nerves but I honestly don’t understand the anger and rush that comes with boarding the plane. I try to make it my goal to be the last person to stroll onto the plane. People act like the plane is going to take off any minute and leave them stranded. I get that people have tight connections and think they deserve the overheard space, but rushing everyone along and causing stress just because of your schedule is just as inconsiderate. Of course these are the same people who stand up immediately when the seatbelt sign comes off, just so that they can stand there for 5 more minutes waiting for the jetbridge.

  3. Sometimes, the worst offenders are our own fellow frequent fliers. I can’t even express my frustration in getting elbowed out of the way by someone boarding in my same-tier elite boarding zone, perhaps because for me it’s a travel-only/no work day, and I’m wearing comfortable dress jeans and not a suit. Am a huge fan of the Delta pilot program in Atlanta that boards under labelled zone monitors – aka Southwest. A little more civility to the Monday morning chaos.

  4. I think the gate agents should be clearer about boarding order. Infrequent travelers hear “we are boarding by group number” and if they are in group 1 they don’t realize first class and those with elite status will board before them. That can be a large group of people.

  5. Don’t get me started. If you aren’t a frequent flyer you should be forced to take and pass an online etiquette class (each time) before you can purchase a ticket and before you can print your boarding pass.
    Topics should include: how to get through security, How to board an airplane, how to get into and out of your airplane seat, what not to bring on an airplane (giant luggage you can’t lift over your head, smelly food etc), How to behave on a airplane (how to walk down the aisle, no loud talking, don’t play your movie without headphones etc) How to behave in an airplane seat (feet down, shoes on, no grooming, etc), How to travel with children, and on and on and on.

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