20 under $20: 20 Business Travel Accessories Under $20

It’s true that some gear required for a successful business trip can be pricey. Suitcases, travel bags, and noise-canceling headphones are all important and may cost a pretty penny. But the majority of items that help make a good business travel experience are budget-friendly! Here are 20 business travel accessories under $20.

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Comfort: 1 Compression socks | 2 Emergen-C | 3 Lip balm | 4 Water bottle | 5 Travel scarf | 6 Travel umbrella | 7 Jockey Skimmies | 8 Headphones

1. Compression socks. These are a must-have for any international trip or long travel day. They keep your feet and ankles from swelling and lessen the risk of deep-vein thrombosis.

2. Emergen-C. Perfect to help ward off sickness and give you a boost of energy.

3. Lip balm. Crucial to keep your lips from getting dry in the arid airplane air.

4. Water bottle. Hydration is key on any trip, and especially international for a business trip. Keep up with your water intake and minimize trash with a reusable water bottle.

5. Travel scarf. The ultimate multi-tasker! Use as a blanket, pillow, napkin, swimsuit cover-up, or, you know, a scarf.

6. Travel umbrella. Takes up almost no room but can save your bacon if there’s an unexpected rainstorm.

7. Jockey Skimmies. A great way to minimize chafing, smooth your midsection, and protect yourself from too-close TSA patdowns anytime you wear a dress.

8. Headphones. No space or budget for noise-cancelling headphones? No problem! Earbuds are small yet mighty, drowning out your yappy neighbor or a crying baby.

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Packing: 9 Small bags | 10 Contact lens case | 11 Toiletry bottles  | 12 Packing cube

9. Small bags. Keep everything you need in your suitcase separated and organized with small bags. I use one for my electronics, one for my makeup, one for my comfort items, one for my jewelry… You get the idea.

10. Contact lens case. Perfect for small amounts of liquids, such as moisturizer, face wash, and hair smoothing cream.

11. Toiletry bottles. No need for a full-sized bottle of shampoo! Decant your larger amounts of liquids into 3 oz. bottles.

12. Packing cube. Compress a large amount of clothing into a small rectangle. Enough said!


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Mobile office: 13 Travel keyboard | 14 Padfolio | 15 Wireless mouse  16 | Surge protector 17 | Plug adapter | 18 Portable charger

13. Portable charger. Never worry about running out of juice when you’ve got one of these babies in your bag.

14. Padfolio. Take notes, plus manage your files and papers all in one space.

15. Wireless mouse. Navigate on your laptop simply and easily without all the wires.

16. Surge protector. Have enough plugs for all of your devices! Or share with others and become a hero when outlets are at a premium.

17. Plug adapter. A small international plug adapter allows you to easily plug in no matter where in the world you are.

18. Travel keyboard. Work more easily from your tablet with a compact, folding travel keyboard.

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Apps: 19 TripIt | 20 White Noise Free

19. TripIt. Manage all of your reservations in one simple (free!) app.

20. White Noise Free. Block out loud hotel noises and sleep like a baby with this free app. I’ve used it on every trip for the last nine years and it is amazing.

Readers, did I miss anything? What inexpensive travel accessories can you not do without?


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