TSA changes electronics screening guidelines

Yesterday the TSA announced that they would expanding enhanced screening for electronics bigger than a phone. They have been piloting this at ten airports, and are now ready to take the new standards nationwide.

The takeaway: laptops, eReaders (pictured),  tablets, and gaming consoles will need to go into a bin by themselves, with nothing on top or below. If you travel with a lot of electronics managing all of your bins could get tricky fast! One way I used to handle several bins (in my pre-Pre-Check days) was to stack them on top of each other, then unstack once I got to the front of the conveyor belt.

Those with TSA Pre-check are exempt from this requirement, so it’s just one more reason to cough up the $85 for five years (or $100 for five years of Global Entry). If you travel more than 3 times a year I’d say it’s money well spent!

Will any of this make us safer? Who knows. Is it annoying? Definitely. Maybe some day the TSA will figure out safety along with efficiency….. Or at least a girl can dream.

Readers, what are your thoughts about the new TSA electronics screening guidelines?


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