Poll: Would you fly a pilotless plane?

Earlier this week the Home Warrior sent me an article from CNN about the possibility of a pilotless plane in the future. Theoretically the technology to fly planes via remote control should arrive in the next 5-10 years, and planes that can fly themselves aren’t too far behind. And it could save airlines $35 billion per year if they didn’t have to pay those pesky pilots (savings which I’m sure they would pass on to their customers, right??). The only problem, the article continues, is that only 17% of passengers are willing to fly without a pilot.

(At first I thought the article said only 17% would NOT be willing to fly without a pilot, meaning 83% were up for it, and I was shocked.)

I get it–the idea of flying without someone there to fix any issues seems scary. But the advent of self-driving cars is on the near horizon, and self-flying planes won’t be around for another 15-20 years which gives plenty of time for people to get used to the idea.

Ask me? I think it sounds very cool, and in 20 years I’d totally be willing to try it out. Now, I’m not signing up for the pilot program (see what I did there?) but after they’ve worked out the kinks I’m definitely game.

I’m interested to hear what everyone else thinks. And if I’m crazy, well, let me know that too!

Would you be willing to fly on a pilotless plane?

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  1. I would rather get a doctorless vasectomy, doctorless colonscopy, or doctorless major open heart or brain surgery than fly on a pilotless plane.

  2. I would, absolutely. Planes are nearly autonomous already. All the recent major crashes have been pilot error or pilot suicide. Like the Korean Airlines crash in SFO demonstrates, many foreign pilots have little skill in piloting planes manually. I’d feel a lot better when they are completely autonomous.

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