4 tricks for a productive business trip

a person writing on a notebookBusiness travel is challenging on so many levels. One of the biggest is productivity. How do you make sure you get all of your work done, while also flying/driving/waiting in line/checking in/figuring out where to go/etc? Here are the ways I make sure I have a productive business trip.

Plan. Like so much about business travel, the biggest key to success is planning. Make sure you know the addresses for your office and hotel ahead of time. If you’re driving yourself use an app like Waze to figure out the timing and best routes. Think about your downtime in transit and the types of work you can get done. There are often delays–what kind of things can you do while standing in line? Perhaps answer emails on your phone, listen to a conference call, write notes for a report….

Power. One of the key ways to have a productive business trip is to be prepared with different types of power. Obviously you need your phone and computer chargers. But I also recommend a travel surge protector, since airport plugs fill up fast; plus a power bank so you can charge your phone or tablet in transit as needed. If you’re on a super long trip and you expect plugs to be in short supply, think about adding a spare laptop battery to your briefcase. Of course, make sure you charge your power bank and backup battery before your trip! One of my favorite new gadgets is a powerbank portfolio, which has a notepad, places for all of my stuff, and a super-cool built-in powerbank.

Hotspot. You know what’s really annoying? Needing to send a presentation to your boss and not being able to connect to the airport wifi. Or visiting an office that doesn’t have wifi for visitors. Or paying $10 for wifi that you’re only planning to use for 10 minutes. Having access to a personal hotspot, whether it’s on your phone or separate, is really crucial for business traveler productivity.  

Relax. Productivity is super important, but if you get burned out you’re no good to anyone. Make sure you include time to relax and let your brain rest, whether it’s looking at Facebook, reading a book on your Kindle, or just closing your eyes.

Readers, what are your tricks for a productive business trip?


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