A trolley sleeve makes travel far easier

a black suitcase with handleWhen I travel I make a habit of watching the boarding process. Sure, it’s easy to lose myself in Facebook and cat videos, but it’s also fascinating to observe the challenges passengers have. During my travel last week I watched a number of people have issues getting down the plane aisle with their luggage. Either they were holding their bags awkwardly to avoid hitting people who were already seated, or they were gripping the strap of their personal item in an iron vise to make sure it stayed on their suitcase handle. Or they just didn’t care and hit everyone in the face as they proceeded to their row. (Grrrr.)

Friends, it doesn’t have to be that way! A requirement of any travel bag that I purchase, whether it’s a backpack, briefcase, or purse, is that there is a trolley sleeve (also known as a trolley strap or luggage strap). This allows you to simply slip your personal item over the handle of your carry-on and float down the plane aisle. You avoid the pain of awkward grips and carries and (more importantly) don’t hit anyone. Combined with a spinner carry-on, it makes getting to your seat much more pleasant whether it’s in row 7 or 72.

Here are some examples of bags with a trolley sleeve:

Once you get a bag with a trolley strap you will seriously wonder why you waited so long. It is that helpful.

Readers, do you have a trolley sleeve on your personal item?


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