How to remember your hotel room number

When you’re in the middle of a busy business travel period it’s easy to forget details. This is why packing lists are so helpful! Just go down your list to make sure you have your umbrella, chargers, and glasses.

But what about other details–not like bringing something with you, but like, where the turn is for the rental car return, or I don’t know, what your hotel room number is? These are details that change for every location and don’t always make sense to write down.

Conventional safety wisdom is that you should not keep your hotel room key in the envelope in case it’s stolen. But how in the world are you supposed to remember the number, especially when it’s your fourth hotel in two weeks? After forgetting my room number for a third time in as many months I revisited my tricks for keeping track of it.

  • Take a picture and keep it in your phone.
  • Keep a note in your notepad.
  • Send yourself an email
  • Separate your key from the envelope and keep both in your bag (low tech but my least favorite since it requires me to find multiple items in my purse)

I can’t help you with the rental car return (but would it be so hard for RDU to make better signs??), but hopefully at least one of these ideas will help you keep track of your room number.

Readers, do you ever forget your hotel room number? How do you keep track of it?


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  1. I dial the room number on my phone. If I forget it it’ll be the weird number in my recent calls that looks nothing like a phone number.

  2. @Sara G and yasmara–during the day the signs are very helpful, but the lighting was so bad in the dark that I got turned around and missed my turn multiple times. Oh well!

  3. Texting myself the room number works quite well, however I also carry a small Baggelini (black, neutral/ non descript) purse with 2 small pockets on the front which are open and without zippers. The pockets being open makes it easy to slip my cell phone in one pocket and my hotel room key sleeve along with a package of mints in the other and also quickly access the phone when needed. The pkg of mints help me to not accidentally slip my cell phone into the same pocket as the room keys and thus prevents the cards from being demagnetized by my cell phone.

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