Don’t name your wifi network after a bomb when traveling. Just a suggestion.

a black device with a light on itI read an interesting story yesterday, with one of those “well, duh!” morals. According to Fox News a flight made an emergency diversion last week when crew discovered a mobile wifi network called “Bomb on board.” The Turkish Airways flight from Nairobi to Instanbul made an emergency landing in Khartoum, Sudan, and the 100 passengers had to de-plane for the aircraft to be inspected.

“‘Experts said the Wi-Fi network in question was created on board,’ Turkish Airlines said in a statement, according to Reuters. ‘No irregularities were seen after security procedures were carried out, and passengers were brought back on the plane once boarding restarted.’”

Evidently this is not the first time questionable wifi network names have caused issues, as last year a Qantas flight was delayed for a couple of hours after a network was found with the not-scary-at-all name “Mobile Detonation Device.”

I have to say, I’m pretty surprised this is a thing. Like, do we really need to have this conversation? These people are on a plane, so they obviously are trying to go somewhere. Do they not care about delays? It’s not actually that hard: please don’t give your mobile hotspot a name relating to bombs, explosions, planes falling from the sky, terrorist groups, or really anything violent at all. I promise you, it’s not clever. Airline security won’t think it’s funny, and it could cause dramatic delays!

Readers, have you seen any questionable wifi network names while flying?


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