Searching for a leather backpack with trolley strap

Does the elusive leather backpack with trolley strap that looks professional really exist? Reader M asks…

I have been searching extensively for a leather laptop backpack with a trolley sleeve.  I need the item to look professional as I wish to use it in court.  There are many leather laptop bags with concealable backpack straps but I can find none that have a trolley sleeve (also known as a “trolley strap”.  I note in a September post, you recommended the DTBG laptop backpack which I have looked at.  The item looks pretty good and I plan to try one if I can’t find anything in leather. Wondering if you can help. Thanks and thanks for your excellent website.

Reader M, I am with you! I never buy any bags without trolley straps anymore, whether it’s a backpack, purse, or briefcase. A trolley strap makes basically all aspects of travel easier, since you can easily slip your bag over the handle of your suitcase. It’s especially helpful when rolling your spinner down an airplane aisle, as it helps to avoid the dreaded inadvertent backpack-face whack for those already seated.

I generally prefer nylon bags to leather (as they are often lighter), but I totally get needing a more professional look. There are plenty of bags, leather and otherwise, that have trolley straps. And there are a number of professional leather backpacks. But a leather backpack with trolley strap is not as common as one would think!

a group of leather backpacks

Here are a few leather backpacks that readers have recommended to me over the years that include a trolley strap:

  1. Renwick Leather Backpack.  This is the least expensive option, but I think it looks as nice as the others. With a padded laptop section and a number of pockets, this is an excellent professional backpack.
  2. Rawlings Rugged Backpack. Yes, the Rawlings has the logo stamped on the front, but it’s discrete enough that it doesn’t detract  from the professionalism. The gorgeous cognac color and multiple pockets help this bag stand out from the crowd, but it comes with a hefty price tag.
  3. Trafalgar Mason Backpack. The sleekest in the bunch, the Trafalgar bag is another gorgeous yet pricey option.
  4. Knomo Dale Backpack. This incredibly streamlined backpack easily converts to a briefcase, has room for all of your essential items, and (of course) includes a trolley strap.

In the event that you don’t end up finding a leather one that works for you–my favorite backpack for business travel and work in general is the Lo & Sons Hanover. It’s sleek, lovely, and has room for everything I need (along with a trolley strap!).

Readers, do you have a professional leather backpack with trolley strap that you love?


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