2017 Business Traveler Gift Guide

You know those people who have all of their holiday gifts purchased by Nov. 30? I respect and somewhat envy them, but I am not those people. So what do you do when you have plenty of folks to shop for and not a lot of time? Amazon Prime, of course! And if your special someone is a Road Warrior, here are some gifts they will love and will for sure arrive by the big day.

The 2017 Business Traveler Gift Guide

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Headphones/earbuds. There is nothing like a quality pair of headphones to make you feel separate from the rest of humanity during travel. Of course Bose are typically rated the best, but there are plenty of affordable brands that will make your loved one feel like the only one in the world (even on a plane with 220 of their closest friends).

E-reader. If you or the Road Warrior in your life haven’t jumped on the e-reader bandwagon, my friend, it is time. The Kindle changed my (travel) life! Once I realized I could borrow ebooks from the library for free then it was like a whole new world opened up.

Suitcase. The most important tool in the toolkit for successful business travel. There are so many great suitcase deals going on right now in a range of price points. My all time favorites are the Travelpro Crew 11 21” Spinner and Eagle Creek Adventure Pop-Top. You can also help your loved one pack more efficiently with a set of packing cubes.

Travel bag. My favorite travel bags are by Lo & Sons, hands down. I’ve used three different bags of theirs (the O.G., the T.T., and the Hanover) and desperately want one of the gorgeous Sevilles. They promise if you buy in the next day or two you will have it by Christmas, and there are a ton of bags 20-40% off.

Portable steamer. If your Road Warrior has to wear a suit when they travel then they definitely a portable steamer. It will keep them looking their wrinkle-free best, and way less destructive than a hotel iron!

Tile Mate. The Tile Mate is the perfect gift for those Road Warriors (or Home Warriors, ahem!) who are constantly losing their keys, wallet, or phone.

Smart plug. Smart plugs are great for a range of reasons, but when you’re traveling you can remotely turn on lights and the radio at home, deterring thieves.

Travel toiletries. When I’m traveling I love the small indulgence of fabulous toiletries. What a treat to have my favorite body wash, lotion, and shampoo on the road! Your favorite Road Warrior will enjoy feeling pampered during their next trip. Another idea–a subscription service like Birchbox.

Echo Dot. I know it sounds extreme but here me out. We have multiple Dots at home, and we have Alexa do everything from turn on the lights to play music to tell us the weather. When I’m staying in one location for two nights or more it makes things easier to bring along my Dot. Connect to the hotel wifi and she will be like your own personal assistant!

And what’s on my list? Besides another Echo Dot, smart plug, and the Lo & Sons Seville, I desperately want a sous vide, straightening brush, black flats, and kitchen shears. I have to say, it’s not a sexy list, but I’m excited about all of it.

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Readers, what are you asking for this holiday season?


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  1. @BethC I’m having a hard time deciding, but I think I want the black perforated. It will hide dirt, is extremely professional, but still interesting. I love the plum and gray colors too though….. decisions, decisions!

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