3 options for a small spinner suitcase

Is it possible to find a small suitcase that has spinners? Reader R asks….

Hi Road Warriorette! I just got a promotion and will be traveling on small airplanes every other week. I know that you have to gate check full size carryons with a lot of those planes and waiting for your bag takes a long time. I’ve been looking for a suitcase that will fit under a seat but I need one with spinners so I can easily wheel it down the tiny airplane aisles. Can you please help?

Great question! I love my Eagle Creek Adventure Pop Top that can be either a full-size or half-size suitcase, but I do wish it had spinners. I’ve had to contort myself into some crazy shapes to make it down the aisle holding my suitcase and my purse without hitting anyone. If I could just turn it sideways and wheel it down the aisle in front of me with my purse on top it would be way easier!

It was harder than I expected to find good options for a small spinner suitcase. Most are either two-wheeled or briefcases, rather than a suitcase. Here are the best ones I found from reliable brands:

Samsonite Underseater With USB Port. This little spinner has multiple pockets for clothing, as well as compartments for a computer and tablet. There is an integrated USB port but no powerbank (and keep in mind many airlines don’t allow luggage with powerbanks to be checked). One of the most important features (to my mind) is the trolley strap on the back, allowing you to easily attach this to a larger piece of luggage if necessary. Starts at $99.

Travelpro Maxlite 4 Easy Carry Spinner Underseat Bag. The small version of one of Road Warriorette readers’ favorite suitcases. Comes in several colors, has plenty of compartments and colors, and will fit nicely under the seat in front of you. Alas, this bag has no trolley strap. Starts at $89.

London Fog Langley 8 Wheel Under Seat the Bag. This bag has everything you’d want in a small spinner suitcase: tons of pockets both inside and outside, a telescoping handle with two heights, and a trolley strap. It comes in black and a lovely burgundy (pictured), starting at $75.

Readers, do you have a small spinner suitcase? What qualities do you find to be most important?


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  1. Samsonite Lift 21″ spinner! I”ve had one for years and I love it. LOVE it. It’s so light but 100% sturdy. I’ve taken it everywhere. It’s on the small side but I’m a pretty careful packer. My back and neck thank me when I use this one.

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