5 Helpful Power Devices for Business Travel

a close-up of a power stripThere’s not much more frustrating on a business trip than rushing through airport security to make a conference call, sitting down to dial in, and realizing your phone is about to die.  Whatever the reason—a low performing battery, lack of plug availability, or missing a plug converter in a foreign country—device charging is something business travelers have to figure out constantly. To help make the hassle easier, here are five great power devices for business travel.

Powerbank padfolio. I love how multifunctional this padfolio is, complete with places for all of my cords, a phone stand, and a powerbank built in. Now charging my phone while I’m taking notes at a meeting is no problem. Plus the charcoal linen fabric is so gorgeous and polished. Every time I take it out I get compliments and people ask where I got it. Highly recommend!

Phone charging case. Several friends and colleagues have one of these and they love how their phone battery life is extended. One caveat–some of them require bluetooth headphones rather than ones that plug in.

Mobile powerbank. If you don’t need the whole padfolio, you still need a powerbank! Some airplanes have plugs for charging your devices, but the one time you count on it is the one time it won’t be there. A portable charger takes up almost no room in your bag and will charge your phone or other small device multiple times.

Travel surge protector with USB ports. If you want to be the star of your next conference (or your next airplane waiting room, for that matter) pack a surge protector in your bag. There are never enough plugs!

International converter surge protector.  Some international hotels have built-in power converters, but for everywhere else a travel power converter is a must-have. A combo plug and USB charger means you need to pack less, always a bonus.

Readers, what are your favorite power devices for business travel?


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  1. Hi Sarah,

    Great list, has been very useful on my international business travels. However, when travelling Africa I often find myself without the right power plug or connector. https://world-power-plugs.com/ has saved my life multiple times 🙂

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