What is the best outfit for travel days?

Is there a certain outfit that works better for days when you travel and then go straight to the office? Reader K asks….

I started a new job a few months ago where I travel every couple of weeks. I’ve been able to fly in the night before for all of my trips so I don’t have to worry about wearing work clothes on my flights. But for my trip next week I have to go straight to the office from the airport. What is the best outfit for travel days?

Great question! When you know that you’ll be flying for six hours then heading to the office you want to make sure that you’ll look professional yet be *very* comfortable. Emphasis on comfortable! If you are getting to the airport at 4am you want your clothes to feel good all the way through the day, from flight to office to dinner. You don’t want to start hating life around 2pm because your pants have some annoying texture! (This actually happened to me and it was….not great.)

For travel days I recommend fabrics with plenty of stretch, like ponte. Also look out for the above-mentioned odd textures.  Be sure that your shoes fit well and will work for long terminal walks. If you need to travel in more casual shoes and change to your work shoes once you land there’s no shame in that.

a collage of clothes and shoes

My favorite outfits are a jersey or ponte dress or stretch slacks and patterned blouse. I’ll bring a blazer if I need to look more formal than usual when I arrive, otherwise I bring a cardigan to wear in case the plane is freezing. On travel days I go with simple jewelry, just studs and a drop necklace in a neutral metal. No matter what outfit I choose, I always wear my Cole Haan ballet flats as they are my most comfortable for hiking through airports. To top it off I keep my ever versatile pashmina tucked into my travel purse in case I need an extra layer during transit.

Readers, what do you think the best outfit for travel days is?


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  1. My favorites to wear are a comfy cotton maxi dress and cardigan with ballet flats. It’s like traveling in pajamas to me. I also have been known to wear leggings under a dress or long tunic with a pair of Sketchers that look like flats. I almost always pair it with a cardigan. My husband thinks I cave a cardigan addiction. I kinda do. Hehe.

  2. I do several long haul (NYC to Asia) flights for work every year, so comfortable and professional are a hard mix for me. I usually wear a pair of Betabrand yoga pant dress pants – look like slacks, feel like leggings – and a T-shirt and cardigan for the flight. I’ll swap the T-shirt for a fresh shirt for the office once I land. And a pair of Aetrex shoes that can pass for either street shoes or office wear and have enough space for my feet to swell a bit.

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