Packing for a business trip during a snowstorm

In the Road Warriorette household, we are obsessed with weather.

Every morning while the Mini Warrior is eating breakfast and getting ready for school we watch The Weather Channel. My six-year old can recite facts about storm clouds, hurricanes, and daytime heating like other kids talk about dinosaurs.

These days TWC is talking about all of the crazy winter storms sweeping the northern half of the US. Everything from blizzards to ice to freezing fog (which apparently is a thing) is affecting states from coast to coast. For people from the south, packing for work travel to snowy northern states can be tricky! What to wear? How to stay warm? What shoes will work the best?

Here are my tips for how to pack for a business trip during a snowstorm:

a collage of clothes and accessories

  • Coat, scarf, and hat. The basics! I have a really fabulous red wool coat that I love, but when it’s really cold only the black puffy coat will do.
  • Boots.  Generally up north people commute in their boots and change into their work shoes once they’re inside the office. Some options: rain boots over wool socks, snow boots, or a weatherproofed boot like La Canadienne. Tip: Everyone just tucks their pants into their snow boots. It looks like we’re all walking along with pantaloons on, but at least your pants stay dry.
  • Silk underwear. For really cold days, or if you commute outside, silk underwear is a must. It will keep you warm while commuting but not overheat you once inside. They are available basically everywhere, and I like this basic silk undershirt and silk longjohns.
  • Avoid bulk. Bulky items may keep you warm, but they take up so much valuable suitcase real estate. Two thinner layers take up less room than one thick layer, and will keep you just as warm.
  • Wool socks. Nothing will keep your feet warmer than wool socks. Layer two pairs for the really cold days!

Readers, what do you pack for a business trip during a snowstorm?


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  1. I love my silk undershirts and wear them all of the time, not just in snowy weather. They’re thin enough to fit under dresses and blouses, as well as sweaters and keep me warm in air conditioned offices. I get mine from Lands End, since they offer petite sizes and the arms are the perfect length for me. They also offer more colors and scoop necks, if you don’t want the high crew neck showing with an outfit.

  2. I would add, as a chicagoan in florida this week, how it’s so imporant to have a hat and gloves with me, even if it’s warm where I’m going. I’ll be thankful to have the warm gear with me when I land back at home!

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