Strategies for eating well on the road

a silver and blue water bottleEating well on the road is always my goal. Alas, holidays don’t care about eating plans. But now that things are mostly back to normal, it’s time to recommit! And, since it’s January, it makes sense to just continue with the theme of healthy travel. Here are my strategies for eating well, plus some easy snacks for the airport.


Plan your meals. If I wait until I get to a restaurant to choose my food it’s almost  guaranteed that it will be some delicious but bad-for-you comfort food accompanied by a lot of wine. Regardless of who chooses the restaurant,  I really need to go online beforehand and pick my actual meal. If that’s not an option I will usually go for salmon or steak and a veggie (and wine, let’s be real).

Eat breakfast. This is a big one. If I leave my house for  the airport, or leave the hotel for the office, without eating something I am almost guaranteed to head straight for  the carbs when I arrive. I have a weakness for breakfast sandwiches and coffee cake. So good for my mouth, and so bad  for my health and productivity! Much better to start out with an omelet or Greek yogurt with fruit. It helps to stay at hotels that have good breakfasts, like Embassy Suites or Hilton Garden Inn.

Go to the grocery store. When I’m in one location for a few days I’ll grab a few basics at a nearby grocery store  I also try to stay in hotels with in-room mini-fridges. Typically I buy nuts, protein bars, string cheese, yogurt, and fruit.

Tons of water. Even when it’s not time new years and resolutions time I do my best to stay hydrated. But I swear after all the wine over the holidays, not to mention the incredibly dry air, I just feel parched. My goal at home is 100 oz of water per day, but on the road it’s more like 150 oz. Yes, it necessitates a lot of trips to the loo, but it makes me feel tons better.

Smart snacks at the airport

Let’s be real, eating healthy snacks is always ideal but it’s not always easy. A million years ago I used to make special bread and crackers to travel with. No time now! When I have the brain capacity to plan I’ll tuck some string cheese, an orange, a little bag of mini-carrots, or a package of peanut butter in my bag for easy snacking on the go. If I don’t have the time to plan, here are some options for eating at the airport:

  • Protein pack from Starbucks and other places–the one with cheese, apples, crackers, and almonds is my favorite.
  • Greek yogurt is available in many airports. I eat it all the time at home with fruit, but plain is pretty darn good too.
  • Nuts, which are filling and travel well
  • Sparkling water has all of the hydrating properties of still water but fills you up a bit more, plus can help soothe your stomach if you have any motion sickness
  • A salad (my least favorite option, but it’s still a viable choice)
  • Burger or sandwich with the top off–it’s not the best option but it’ll work in a pinch. Just be sure to get lots of napkins!
  • Readers have suggested keeping protein powder on hand to make a shake on the go.

Readers, what are your tricks for eating well on the road?


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