Packing a suit without wrinkles

a close-up of a suitcaseIs it possible to bring suits on a business trip without getting them wrinkled? Reader B asks….

Help RW! I have to wear suits every day on my work trips but can’t figure out how to pack them without wrinkling. Do you have any suggestions?

A few wrinkles may be inevitable, but there are definitely ways to minimize them. Here are my suggestions for packing a suit without wrinkles:

Start with suits that are anti-wrinkle. It may be too late if you’ve already invested money into several suits, but as much as possible look for fabric with a bit of stretch and that bills itself as “anti-wrinkle”.

Use a suiter. You have a couple of options with your suitcase–either buy one that is basically a hanging bag, or buy a normal suitcase that has a suiter inside of it. I tend to recommend the latter, just because it gives you more options. My favorite suitcase ever, the Travelpro Crew 21” Spinner has a version with a suiter, and is actually on sale today for around $150 (typically it runs closer to $200).

Unpack immediately. Unfortunately, sometimes wrinkles happen. As soon as your arrive in your hotel room pull your suits out of your suitcase–this will give as much time as possible for any wrinkles to relax out.

Bring a steamer. There are some excellent, affordable travel-friendly steamers on the market that can easily slip into your suitcase. One of those little guys will get any leftover wrinkles right out! Of course, if that seems like too much effort you can hang your suit in the bathroom while you shower and get some of the same effects.

Readers, what are your suggestions for packing a suit without wrinkles?


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  1. Downy Wrinkle Release is always in my bag. And I take my clothes into the bathroom when I shower. Not as effective as a steamer, but can get out light wrinkles.

  2. Having been involved in production and import/export of italian suits, I have some knowledge in this field.
    I would suggest a suit made in Italy of 100% wool from an Italian mill, with a weight of 240 to 260 grams. Wrinkles will simply disappear.

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