Making travel easier

What was important in Aprils past?

April 2012: Although I hope you never have to travel while injured, here are some tips for making it easier. And yes, these are from my own experience. I spent a lot of time prepping for my two week conference, with strategies for packing and being out of the office that long. For some, eating…

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Business Travel 101: Making Travel Easier (Revisited)

Two years ago, I ran a series of posts called Business Travel 101. The goal was to introduce a novice traveler to the secrets of frequent travel, making the transition to expert as painless as possible. I’ve re-tooled the series, and now it’s more comprehensive than ever! It covers everything a new business traveler needs…

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Super Cute Travel Adapter

One of the issues with international traveling is carrying around a travel adapter and all its various bulky pieces. Enter the Worth the Wait International Travel Adapter from ModCloth. It will convert from US to Europe to UK plugs, simply by toggling the switch. Genius! Only one little thing to pack, instead of multiple little…

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