Super Cute Travel Adapter

a blue adapter with a buttonOne of the issues with international traveling is carrying around a travel adapter and all its various bulky pieces. Enter the Worth the Wait International Travel Adapter from ModCloth. It will convert from US to Europe to UK plugs, simply by toggling the switch. Genius! Only one little thing to pack, instead of multiple little things. Plus it comes in super cute and fun colors, turquoise, orange, pink, and green. At $24, it is quite the bargain. I am definitely getting one, and will let you all know how it does.

ETA: Sorry guys! I put the link on the photo but not in the actual post. D’oh! This is what I get for trying to post while on vacation. It’s fixed now!


  1. I haven’t used this particular one with colorful options, but had very similar one – I recognize the toggle between regions, it was ok. If it’s the same the Europe adapter swings out at 90 degrees and is not very stable if you have even a light charger plugged in.

    A few years ago I switched to this style, sold under many brands: Kensington Travel Plug Adapter with USB Charger 33346 – $24, not as cute. Or without a charger for $13 on Amazon, similar to Tumi’s that is $50. There’s a very similar one: Skross World Adapter 2 with 2 USB ports, usually sold on Lufthansa (also

  2. How about tellilng us where the hell to buy it? Seriously…nothing comes up with a google search.

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