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Packing to maximize space

For the first five or so years of business travel I primarily traveled by myself. However, over the past few years that has been shifting so now I travel with coworkers more often than not. This leads to some interesting conversations, particularly around packing. Colleagues are frequently amazed that I can fit everything I need…

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How to avoid checking your bag

If you’ve spent any time traveling you know that checking your bag is a pain. It takes time you don’t have, in many cases costs money your company doesn’t want to spend, and adds unnecessary risk in the event of a lost bag. Luckily, it’s possible to avoid checking your bag for the majority of…

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Pack efficiently with the Road Warriorette Business Trip Packing Checklist

You guys know I love talking about what to pack for your business trips. I’ve had my own packing lists and checklists galore for years, and gotten tons of requests from readers to share. Good news-today I am finally releasing my Business Trip Packing Checklist! There is absolutely no reason to not be able to…

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